The Ten Dollar Founding Father Without A Father

Little did I imagine, back in 2012 when I wrote Why Don’t I Ever Meet Guys Who Rap About Alexander Hamilton?, that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical brainchild with Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton would become this Hamilton, the biggest thing on Broadway (and Twitter) since the 1960s!
I was prescient enough to know that I’d love it if it ever turned into anything, but not such a good prognosticator that I put any money into the endeavor. (Yes, hindsight is 20/20.)

2015 has been the year of Hamilton, and the nice people at The Worst Bestsellers (who say that “we read books so you don’t have to”) put together this phenomenal list (a “readers’ advisory”) of Hamilton-related books to go along with their podcast on the subject. Usually, it’s enough for me to listen to the soundtrack on Spotify or CD, or read the tweets, but this list is an embarrassment of riches, complete with category titles taken directly from the musical.

Until you get to your bookstore, your Amazon account, or your library, however, entertain yourself with the CBS Sunday Morning coverage of the musical just before it premiere on Broadway:

and then take peek at what one amazing high school is doing with the story:

Happy 2016. Read, listen, and learn. Don’t let anyone deny you your chance to dream. Tell them, “I am not throwing away my shot!”

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