Cinematic Presidents: Would James K. Polk Have Had a High Q Score?

With all of these movies about Lincoln and FDR coming out, I sometimes stop to wonder what various presidents would think about the movies made about them. In particular, I worry that my secret presidential boyfriend, John Adams, would be thrown into apoplectic shock at the appearance of two-dimensional, larger-than-life humans projected on a wall or a box. (I like to think I’d soothe him, but perhaps we’d need a reanimated Ben Franklin nearby to convince him it just another of his own inventions and not a devilish trick.)

Anyway, to that end, the nice people of Slate have put together a list of Presidents in Movies: The All-Time Leader Board… and given their relationship, I do imagine John Adams will be disappointed to have been so soundly thrashed by Thomas Jefferson. However, I do think he’d be exceedingly pleased that this experiment in independence and democracy has survived so long, election kerfuffles notwithstanding.

Of course, this doesn’t even take into account all the asteroid- and alien-fighting imaginary presidents in films and on TV. While it would be hard to narrow my favorite fictional presidents down to just one, I can tell you they’re both from the mind of Aaron Sorkin. How can a girl choose between:


when there’s such zingy brilliance ┬ábehind those men? I’m sure John Adams would have had a second term, if only he’d had an Aaron Sorkin in his life. (Can’t you see Abigail wielding a pair of scissors and shouting, “Game on, boyfriend!”?)

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